Guide for eTA visa to enter Myanmar: Online visa waiver

Guide for eTA visa to enter Myanmar: Online visa waiver

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Are you planning to travel to travel in Myanmar? And you need more information about the visa application process? Our online visa waiver is here to help you so far.

Where is Myanmar located?

Myanmar (formerly known as Burma) is a state in Southeast Asia. It occupies 676.578 square kilometers and the population is about 53 million. The capital city is Naypyidaw, but the largest city is Yangon which was the former capital city of this country. Myanmar is a country rich in interesting places to visit and full of natural beauties so far.

What is Myanmar eTA visa, and who is appointed for this type of visa?

Myanmar eTA visa is an online visa application for foreign nationals who are willing to travel to Myanmar. This visa is designed for the non-citizens who want to travel for tourism purpose. This type of visa is implemented in order to make the travel to and within Myanmar easier.
Myanmar visa eTA gives the opportunity to complete the whole process online, without going to some agencies or authorities.

Who can apply for the visa?

Anyone! Myanmar visa eTA is the best option for anyone who would like to enter and visit Myanmar. The only thing you must own is valid details and valid documents that will be required.

Please remember that if you have already applied for the visa in the government agencies, you should wait for the procedure to be completed.

Also, there are other important things to know, such as:

  • The Myanmar visa eTA is for single entry to Myanmar;
  • The maximum allowed period to stay is 28 days;
  • You must stay in hotels. motels, guest houses and etc, that are registered;
  • The visa is valid for 90 days. After that you cannot use it in order to enter to Myanmar;
  • With this visa you can travel only via air.;
  • The Myanmar visa eTA is used in three airports (Mandalay, Yangon and Nay Pui Taw);

What is the procedure for the Myanmar eTA visa application?

It is an online procedure that is quick and easy.

There are several steps that need to be completed:

  • When you open the site, just click on the “Apply Online for an EVISA”.
  • Fill the form with your personal information and flight details.
  • After completing this, you will be asked to choose your payment method. There are various payment options provided.

Please note that before applying, you should check all of your travel arrangements (valid passport number, flights and etc.)
I have applied for the Myanmar eTA visa. What is next?

The electronic visa is ready within 72 hours, or before. The electronic form of the visa will be delivered to your email (the one that you have provided on the application form), so you should check your email from time to time.

There is an option to receive the visa sooner than this, and you should contact directly the agency if you need it urgently.

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