Do you need a visa for Sri Lanka

Do you need a visa for Sri Lanka: Apply for business E-visa online

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A Sri Lankan ETA is an online visa that is issued and stored electronically. The applicant will not receive any document but will instead receive an approval email.Any US citizen can apply for Sri Lankan ETA online. These ETAs are only valid for short periods based on the type of visit whether as a tourist, for business, medical purposes, or transit. Sri Lankan tourist visas are issued with a maximum of 30 days.

Application of The ETAS should be done early before to avoid delays. A Sri Lankan business visa covers the following; Participation in business meetings, seminars, workshops, conferences, games, art, music and dance events, symposiums or in short-term training events. Business visas are of two types: short term and long term.

Short-term business visa

For this type, the period one is staying in Sri Lanka should be less than 30 days. The business ETA application form can be obtained from the website and applications submitted on the same site. Requirements A duly filled ETA application form. Photo:-Two passport-sized photographs that are in color and have a plain background. Passport: An original passport valid for more than 6 months beyond the date entered in Sri Lanka is necessary.

The passport should also have at least a blank page for the Sri Lankan visa stamping. A letter of invitation: -A letter from the host company explaining the relationship with the applicant should be attached. The letter should indicate the purpose of travel, the duration of stay, the place to stay, the host’s name, address and contact information. A business Letter A letter from the sponsoring organization or company, introducing the applicant, showing his/her position held in the company and a clear statement on the purpose of travel should be attached.

This letter should indicate the availability of funds or person responsible financially for the applicant. Relevant Fee A fee of $30 (thirty dollars) is paid. This fee is payable by money order, cash or a bank certified check

Long-term business visa

One is required to apply for this visa if his/her length of stay is more than 30 days. Requirements are: A duly filled multiple entry visa application form Two passport sized photographs A business letter An invitation letter Visa fee A valid Passport Note: If the passport on which the visa has been issued expires before the visa, one has to submit the new passport to the embassy for the issuance of a new ETA.

This ETA issuance is done at no extra cost. Under no circumstance should one change the status of the Sri Lankan visa. E.g. A person having a Sri Lankan tourist visa cannot engage in business, charity or any form of employment Visa processing time.

For both short term and long term business visas, the processing time will range from five to eight business days. In case of a rush or an emergency, an additional fee will have to be met. When visiting Sri Lanka, any American citizen is strongly encouraged by the State Department to register with the US Embassy in the country. The embassy is given a notice of your travel pans and enrolls you in the travel advisory and warnings program that is ran by the state department. Overstaying one’s visa attracts a fine and a possible detention or deportation. It is, therefore, necessary to report an overstayed visa to the department of immigration.

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