Canada eTA tourist visa requirements and process

Canada eTA tourist visa requirements and process: Where to find visa office?

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Canada Visa Office

Virtually, there is a Canada visa office in every country particularly offered at Canadian embassies where interested people are welcome to make their applications as well as track the progress. Each individual is treated uniquely same as with utmost dignity and respect in all the visa offices. All your Canada eTA tourist visa requirements and process queries can be addressed to the various Canada embassy and consulates where a prompt response is given.

Getting a Canadian Visa

Getting a Canadian visa is rather a simple process to an individual having the right documents. Ordinarily, applying for a Visa would require one to get an instruction package with all the forms required to be filled as well as guiding instructions upon which an applicant fills after clearing application fees. Apart from the Visa, international visitors to Canada also require carrying with them a valid passport. Notably, a Visa is not mandatory for visitors from the UK, Germany, France, Republic of Korea and Japan. The conventional method of acquiring visa take approximate 2-3 weeks but the new online eTA method has reduced this time significantly.

With this regard, prospective visitors are encouraged taking up on eTA by uploading online your passport, credit/debit card through your email at a cost of $7 and wait for an approval within minutes. Those whose applications requiring further documents approval, however, could take up to 72 hrs for clearance.

Canada tourist visa requirements

Owing to the fact that Canada is a hotspot destination to many international tourists and people with diverse interests, millions of travelers jets in the country every year which has prompted the government of Canada to continue making it easier for tourists. Nonetheless, some basic information must be availed such as a valid passport and other travel documents, good health, sound mind and character, valid reason for travel as well as reason indicating the need for one to get back to their countries and enough funds to support your activities while in Canada. Those requiring staying longer are obliged to provide with a temporary resident visa and a letter of invitation.

Canada visa process

The Electronic Travel Authorization (eTA) has now become requirement especially when traveling to Canada through the air but there’s no need to worry because applying for eTA is both cheaper and easy to acquire. To make it more convenient to apply for this travel document, you to only present with your email address, a valid passport, and a debit card, thereafter, only a few questions are required to be answered. Interestingly, applying eTA through Canada’s government official website only costs you $7 whereas other finer details and updates of your current eTA status can be accessed online.

With this new development, you can now secure a traveling document online, within a short time. Better still, eTA will validate you to travel in Canada for 5 years before it expires or at least up to the expiry time of the passport used during application.

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