Australia visa requirements
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Australia visa requirements: Apply for Australian visa from USA and UK

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Apply for Australian visa from USA and UK

The application process and all the bells and whittles that go into acquiring a visa can seem convoluted if you do not have the right information. Often times the process isn’t as confusing as I may imagine especially in the case of Australian visas. If you are British citizen looking to take time off work and visit the beautiful beaches of Australia, you can apply for either an e-Visitor visa- directly from the Department of Immigration and Border Protection which attracts no service fees or the Electronic Travel Authority (ETA) from a travel agent or an airline. The ETA comes with a service fee of $20 and is valid for one year, take extra care when filling out the application form on the Immigration Department website as errors can cause unnecessary delays in some cases cancellation of the entire process.

As a UK citizen all that’s required to enter Australia is a valid passport and an approved ETA, if you above certain age bracket (75years), you may be asked to undergo a medical check before the visa is issued to you. The whole visa application process, besides the medical exam, doesn’t take much time, barring any errors, you should receive your visa within one working day. If you feel anytime during the application process that you are being treated unfairly, or after you have arrived Australia, by an employer, in the case that you are on a working visa, you can reach out to the British High Commission in Australia and state your case.

For U.S citizens thinking about visiting Australia, the process and requirement don’t differ much from the UK citizens. You can apply for an Australian tourist or business visa through the Australian immigration website free of any fees or charges. Although there are some fees for certain types of visas, especially if you are looking for something more permanent. The Electronic Travel Authority ETA grants U.S citizens entry into Australia for up to 90 days per stay, visas after the first trip are granted at the immigration officer’s discretion.

Like in the case of UK citizens, errors in the application process will result in delays it is in your own interest to make sure you fill out the form correctly and provide accurate information. Make sure your passport is valid for at least six months and choose the right visa package for your needs. It is also important to note that the ETA upon been issued is valid from the date of issue and not the date the traveler arrives in Australia. Experienced travelers often defer starting the application process until very close to when they are ready to make the trip. Individuals with dual citizenship, whether U.S and Australian or the UK and Australian citizenship may face certain restrictions at the point of entry if they travel to the country of their other nationality.

If you the UK or the US and you are uncertain about any information required in the application form, you can reach out to the immigration authority for clarification or fail that speak to a travel company or your transport provider.

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