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Hi guys, my name is Daniel Chan and i am a Travel Blogger!

I am 23 years old and a man. I’m good at writing and I’m told that I’m very good at photography so I decided that i should become a travel blogger.

I live in

One of the most western-eastern places in the world and i feel very lucky to live here to experience that. I live in Hong Kong and that is located in a cove in South East Asia and is the 5th best economical cities in China.
My hobbies

I occasionally like going out with friends to the movies or to go bowling and i like to play the occasional ping pong match. I play Soccer for the state team where we verse other cities (we usually win).

Why i made this Blog

I made this blog as i felt like the strangeness of the east and west mix had not was not experienced by many people yet, so I decided to save you some expense and show you the experience of my city!